Dwyfor Training Facilities

In pursuit of producing the perfect espresso.

In pursuit of producing the perfect espresso Dwyfor Coffee Company has developed its own training facility.  The room is equipped so that we can teach the art of the Barista to our customers and their staff. All good coffees must start with the perfect espresso.  To make that perfect espresso there are several factors that must come together; the grinder must be set to deliver the perfect espresso grind.  Too coarse or too fine will not give the results required.  The weight of ground coffee needs to be just 7 grams. A brew time of 25 seconds is desired and the espresso should have a good crema on the top.

There is much to impart and Dwyfor are keen to pass the message out to our customers.  We seriously believe that coffee sales will grow more quickly, where a consistent quality coffee is available.

We are happy to hold training sessions here in Nefyn for up to 6 people.  Alternatively, we can come to you and train on site.  However, for the best uninterrupted sessions, it is hard to beat the training room here!

Our trainers have years of experience in the industry and are happy to pass that expertise on.

Barista Course overview:

We will give you an overview of the different equipment we will be using, such as espresso machines, the grinder and a look at bigger picture.

Coffee Beans

We will discuss the coffee bean, its varieties, the process it goes through and the importance of freshness, storage and above all quality.


Setting the grinder to the right position  is probably the most important factor to getting the best espresso. Before you make any coffee, we will teach you how to get your grinder set correctly for both the grind and the dosage.


The right base for any drink is a good espresso.  We will show you how to dose, tamp and extract the best espresso from your machine.


We will teach you how to produce the perfect texture in heated milk for the best Cappuccino, flat white and Latte.  We will demonstrate how to get the ideal temperature and show you what not to do.


To keep your machine in tip top condition, you will need to know how and when to clean it.  This is essential now you can make the finest drinks.

Over to you

Once you have had a go at grinding beans, extracting espresso, producing cappuccino and latte drinks and know how to keep your machine clean and in fine condition, you can try making any drinks on our machines, before you return to your own, full of confidence. We are always at the end of the telephone if you need some more help.


At the end of the morning, we will have a quick summary of what has been covered and then you are ready to go.

Please call 01758 720969 or email noel@dwyfor.com if you would like to take advantage of this facility.