Marketing and point of sale materials

Dwyfor Coffee - Point of sale materialsHere at Dwyfor we are very proud of the strength of our Dwyfor brand.  You will see our pavement stands outside cafes and restaurants all over North Wales. You will also see them in the South and Mid Wales and over the border in England.  Wherever you see them, the distinctive Dwyfor Coffee swing sign always means you can find a great cup of coffee or tea.

We can supply Dwyfor Coffee window stickers to tell your customers that they will find “coffee served here”.

We can supply Dwyfor Coffee, table tent cards to help you advertise your hot drinks.

We are currently developing a Dwyfor Coffee table top A5 card that you can use to advertise your drinks menu.  Watch out for these, coming soon.

Dwyfor Coffee Company can help you reinforce the brand in your establishment, through the medium of signs and posters, whether for Dwyfor products or fair-trade products. Just contact a member of our team on 01758720969 or email for more information.