Man does not live by coffee alone. "Have a biscuit" - anon

Dwyfor Caramelised Biscuits 1 x 300

Dwyfor Coffee Company only sell the finest biscuits under their own label.   New for Autumn we have our individual caramel biscuit in Dwyfor packaging. We introduced this biscuit due to demand from our customers as an alternative to Lotus and it has proved so successful that we have incorporated it into the Dwyfor brand family.  Look out for the new packaging arriving shortly.

Dwyfor Twin Pack selection 1 x 100

Dwyfor Twin Pack selectionEver popular , our 4 selection twin pack Dwyfor biscuits, packed in boxes of 100 continue to sell well.  Currently, we offer chocolate chip, shortbread, fruit shrewsbury and oat flavours, ideal for your hotel bedroom.

For that special touch of luxury, we can offer

Pan Ducale Cantuccini Biscotti with Almonds 1 x 96

Pan Ducale Cantuccini Biscotti

Singularly packaged, the freshness and fragrance of the product, just out of the oven, is maintained. They are ideal for coffee shops or restaurants and anyone looking for a practical and hygienic snack.

Pan Ducale Cantuccini Biscotti with Chocolate 1 x 96

These biscuits are produced by Pan Ducale in  the Abruzzo region of Italy. Following a traditional family recipe, using only the finest fresh indgedients.  First they are baked in the shape of a French loaf, then cut into thin slices and baked again until they become golden brown and crunchy. They are ideal for dunking in hot drinks.

Border Luxury Twin Pack Biscuits 1 x 100

Border Luxury Twin Pack BiscuitsThese biscuits come in 5 varieties in every box.

Other varieties available

Fairtrade Specaloos 1 x 300
Rombouts Caramelised Biscuits 1 x 300
Lotus Biscuits 1 x 300