Paperware and Disposables

Starbucks says they are going to start putting religious quotes on cups. The very first one will say, 'Jesus! This cup is expensive!' - Conan O'Brien

Dwyfor branded Paper CupDwyfor Coffee Company can supply its customers with the Whiteware it needs to grace the café tables but when your customer is on the move and wants to take out his coffee or tea, then you need to have strong and heat resistant paper ware for the job.

Dwyfor will also supply filter papers and paper coasters.

Cups and lids

  • Dwyfor branded black ripple cups 12oz 1 x 500
  • Natural ripple cups 8oz 1 x 500
  • Natural ripple cups 12oz 1 x 500
  • White ripple cups 16oz 1 x 500
  • Squat vending cups 7oz 1 x 2000
  • Transparent water cups 7oz 1 x 1000
  • Sip through lids 8oz 1 x 1000
  • Unbranded CupsSip through lids 12/16oz 1 x 1000

Filter papers

  • Pour and serve filter papers 1 x 50
  • Filter papers b51 x 250
  • Filter papers b10  x 250
  • Filter papers bulk brew


  • White paper coasters 80mm x 1000