Service & Repair

Engineering workshop repairs and servicing

We have already said that great coffee is partly dependent on a good espresso machine.  If you think about what your coffee machine does for you in terms of contributing to your profits, then you need to keep that machine in tip top condition. Here at Dwyfor we have professional engineers, who can undertake that work on your behalf.

We service, repair and rebuild machines of all styles.  Our team will call on you and in most cases can do the necessary work on site.  However, if your machine needs more than the usual repair, we can bring it back to our workshops here, where our engineers can undertake the most complex work.

Where possible, we try and respond to a customer’s request within 48 hours.

We can offer annual maintenance contracts to our customers to give them peace of mind.  This can be simply to cover the call out and time spent, or to include parts too. The choice is yours.

Please ring 01758 720969 or email for further information.