Maintenance & Service Agreements

Any coffee machine should receive a regular service

Dwyfor Coffee Company Ltd can offer you the customer a number of options to enable you to keep your most important asset, the coffee machine, running smoothly. You will find a copy of the agreements and prices here and they can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Any coffee machine should receive a regular service to ensure that the chance of breakdown is reduced and the cost to you and your business is kept to a minimum.

We can offer a basic service package on site, or if necessary, we can transfer your machine to our workshops, where more serious repairs are required. Where possible, we will try and leave you with a machine to keep your business running, while we carry out the necessary repairs to your machine.

You can have a fully inclusive maintenance contract, which will do just what it says. You may also have a contract for repairs with or without cover for spare parts.

Please contact Michael or Neil for further information.