• Welcome to Dwyfor Coffee Company
    Welcome to Dwyfor Coffee Company

    The Finest Teas, Coffees and More

  • Finest Worldwide Coffees
    Finest Worldwide Coffees

    Beans, Ground and Instant Coffees

  • Traditional & Speciality Teas
    Traditional & Speciality Teas

    Traditional English, Earl Grey, Assam, Darjeeling & Herbal

  • Luxury Drinking Chocolate
    Luxury Drinking Chocolate

    A selection of Drinking Chocolates


Passionate about quality.

Dwyfor has a portfolio of some of the world’s finest coffee blends, refreshing teas, chocolates and beverage related products.

Beans Ground & Instant Coffee

Beans Ground & Instant Coffees

Dwyfor Coffees are carefully sourced from around the globe. The finest coffee beans, superb ground coffees and excellent instant coffees to suit every palate and pocket. read more

Catering, Loose & Envelope Teas

The tea revolution is happening. In every establishment that sells a range of coffees, there is growing demand for loose tea varieties, served in a pot.  Dwyfor are developing a range of fine loose teas and elegant glass tea pots for our customers for next season. read more

Drinking Chocolates

The Dwyfor selection of drinking chocolate reflects luxury, fair-trade and great value for money, whether for the hotel bedroom or in vending, you will find what you need at Dwyfor Coffee. read more

Speciality Toppings

Dwyfor Coffee can supply a range toppings, sauces and syrups to enhance the coffee, tea and chocolate drinks you offer to your customers. read more

Cookies & Biscuits

Dwyfor Coffee are purveyors of biscuits to compliment the range of coffees, teas and chocolates we sell. You can have individually wrapped biscuits for the bedroom or the café. read more

Coffee Machines

Dwyfor Coffee can offer a complete range of coffee machines to suit all needs. From traditional espresso machines, to the latest instant vending machine, Dwyfor are able to supply service and maintain one of your most important assets. read more

Special Offers

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy Dwyfor Coffee Company’s special offers. Our special promotions are updated monthly so keep watching this space! Call John on 07900996757  Glyn on 07578018777  Ian on 07900956481  or Nye on 07741272677 for details

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Dwyfor Luxury Chocolate

Dwyfor Luxury Chocolate

  • Luxury brand
  • Price Fighters
  • Chocolate
Learn More
Paned Pen Llyn Faitrade Tag & Envelope Tea Bags

Paned Pen Llyn Fairtrade Tag & Envelope Tea Bags

  • Fairtrade
  • Dwyfor's Finest
  • Tea bags
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Dwyfor Premium Filter Coffee

Dwyfor Premium Filter Coffee

  • Dwyfor's Finest Range
  • Pour & Serve
  • blend of coffees
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